The course provides training in the knowledge and skills required to read, interpret and prepare two- dimensional and three-dimensional drawings, specifications and schedules for residential buildings using both technical drawing skills and computer aided design (CAD) methods. Construction drawings will include: sketches (e.g. plans, evaluations, isometric projections, axonometric projections) and formal scaled drawings (e.g. general arrangements, layouts, plan, sections, and elevations). The course also covers the knowledge required to operate a word processing application using software that will include Microsoft Word, Microsoft Works and Corel WordPerfect.

The graduate of this course can work as an apprentice under a Licensed Architect. CVQ Draughting and Construction Technician Work Level 3

Pre-requisites  Microsoft Office, Mathematics CXC Grades 1-3 working experiences in the construction industry (carpenter, electrician etc.) and Technical Drawing are assets.

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