The Window for Job Opportunities

YTEPP Limited, on Wednesday 30th April 2014, officially launched its YTEPP e-Employment Service (YeES) which now give thousands of YTEPP graduates the opportunity to seek and apply for jobs online. Please visit jobs.ytepp.gov.tt 


YTEPP Limited is now an authorized Toon Boom Training Centre which allows persons to develop the requisite skills, at entry level, into digital animation. YTEPP Limited is now an authorized Toon Boom Training Centre which allows persons to develop the requisite skills, at entry level, into digital animation. see more….




Business Plan Competition 

YTEPP Limited, through its Entrepreneurial Development and Support Services Department, partners with Repsol to host an annual Business Plan Competition which lends greater support to YTEPP trainees.

In photo from left to right:

Ms Marlene Peschier, HSE Officer, YTEPP; Ms Leila Rampersad, Chairman, Autism Tobago;  Mr Christo Cave, Director of EDSS, YTEPP, Mr Ancil Mc Clean, first place winner of YTEPP’s “Walk for Autism”; Ms Teresina Sieunarine, President, Autistic Society of Trinidad and Tobago and Ms Clarise Rooplal, Human Resource Manager, YTEPP

YTEPP Celebrates

With 25-year long Service awardees

YTEPP Future Leaders

The YFL concept involves exposing YTEPP trainee council presidents, elected by their peers, to high quality, holistic leadership training.

Electrical Installation

Gives students an overview of the scope of work of a building electrician’s assistant. Concepts of electricity, symbols and drawings are explored in addition to installing main distribution systems, sub-circuit wiring and meter circuits.


Computer Literacy Training

This initiative is to reduce the digital divide that exists in Trinidad & Tobago by providing training and access to Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to our citizens.

Grow Box Production

This course provides Level 1 training and teaches skills that will enable trainees to create and run a successful vegetable production business.


Micro Entrepreneurship

This programme is designed for person who are desirous of starting their own business and have taken technical vocational skills training at YTEPP or any other training institution or already have an existing business.

Steel Pan Manufacturing

This Course offers Level 1 to Level 3 CVQ training ranging from acquiring knowledge and skills in drum selection, grooving notes to  pre-tuning and the art of tuning and the art of tuning the major voice range of steel pans.



This is a Level 2 training programme which offers a more in-depth look at the Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW), Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) and Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) processes. Performing single V groove butt joint welds in various positions on mild steel plates, as well as performing pipe weld in the 6G position make up the core activities in this section of study.

Live Sound Engineering

Focuses on using and operating the different pieces of equipment including microphones, speakers, mixing consoles, equalization and audio signal processing devices.

Heavy Machinery Operations

This course provides both theoretical and practical training in the safe operations of a number of heavy machinery equipment such as the skid steer, backhoe/front-end loader, bulldozer, forklift, excavator, heavy T, and extra heavy T. 

Tilapia Production

The tilapia fish in both earth and concrete ponds. The modules include: maintaining water quality in ponds/tanks; handling and caring for fish (grading, sampling fish and preventing the spread of disease); feeding and storing fish and disposing of spoilt feed; and harvesting fish and transporting them to the market.

Television & Video Production

The modules include: preparing equipment for a shoot; laying basic flat tracks for camera dollies; setting up camera; disassembling camera and equipment; and preparing materials and documents needed during the editing process.

Success Stories

  • Chenelle Etienne
    YTEPP’’s very own Chennelle Etienne is currently in Germany competing against the world at the World Skills International Competition...
  • Kerry Ramcharitar
    Graphics Designer, YTEPP Limited “I pursued Graphics Design, Typist/Receptionist and Micro Entrepreneurship courses at YTEPP Limited.  My...
  • Keith Osman
    Self- Employed “I have a passion for plumbing.  It is my trade.  I decided to do YTEPP’s...
  • Damion Thomas, Chef
    Magdalena Grand Beach Resort “If you are in school and uncertain of what you want to do...

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